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Professional woman entering her per diem into computer

Case Studies: Organizations solve per diem and expense challenges.

Learn how organizations are using CommercePayments® Prepaid Expense Cards to solve a variety of payment challenges including per diems, travel expenses and reimbursable purchases.

  • Texas Tech University — Using cash for 450 student-athletes per diem was a time-consuming and risky process for the Texas Tech athletic department. That’s why they replaced it with CommercePayments® Prepaid Expense Cards. Read how that change provided flexibility, reduced risk and facilitated compliance issues for the organization.

  • Fucich Construction Consulting — Pulling field supervisors off construction job sites to cash per diem checks was counterproductive to Fucich’s commitment to deadlines, safety and work quality. The company started providing per diems to its 300+ employees throughout 15 job sites via CommercePayments® Prepaid Expense Cards. Learn how that transition saved them time, reduced their risk of internal fraud and improved their employee recruitment and retention efforts.

  • Capital Tower & Communications — Building communications towers across the country for some of the nation’s biggest carriers puts Capital Tower & Communications at the forefront of technology. Keeping that focus, the company turned to CommercePayments® Prepaid Expense Cards to automate its field employee per diem that had been reliant on multi-step manual processes. Learn how the company takes advantage of many of the prepaid expense card features to realize efficiencies and save money.

See how CommercePayments® Prepaid Expense Cards can solve your payment challenges.

CommercePayments® solutions are provided by Commerce Bank.

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