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Empress Express

Empire Express. Keep on truckin'.

Empire Express

Keep on truckin’.

Empire Express - Memphis, Tennessee
One of the Southeast's Premier Family-Owned Trucking Firms

Time is money in the trucking industry. That’s why Tim Gatlin is glad that two-thirds of his family’s trucking business is what truckers call “drop and hook.”

“That means we drop off one trailer and immediately hook up another one,” explains Gatlin, president and CEO of Empire Express. “We like it because our drivers aren’t waiting around for cargo to be loaded and unloaded.”

That “get ‘er done” attitude — along with the latest satellite tracking and mobile communications technology — enables this 25-year-old carrier to keep its fleet of 200 trucks and 550 trailers constantly on the move throughout the United States and Canada.

The desire for efficiency also explains, in part, why Empire Express moved its banking business to Commerce in 2013.

“The fact that Commerce doesn’t have a branch in Memphis gave me pause for a moment. But when I thought through the details, it didn’t pose a problem. In fact, it’s worked just beautifully.”
“After calling on us for the better part of three years, Commerce Bank did an analysis of our company that opened my eyes,” says Ed Gatlin, Tim’s father and the company’s founder. “He gave us great ideas and introduced us to great people who would make them happen.”

“We now have a computerized bank balance waiting for us every morning,” Gatlin says. The company’s deposits, wire transfers, ACH payments and other banking transactions are all done online.

Commerce is also the lead bank on financing the 50 or so trucks Empire Express replaces each year. Says Gatlin, “At this point, our relationship with Commerce is as close as any our business has ever had. They’ve developed into a true partner.”