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The best rewards for money management is more rewards.

The best reward for better money management is more rewards.

It’s the end of the month, and the credit card bill for your business is due. Maybe that bill is for your personal credit card that you’ve used to cover business expenses. This is common among small business owners, who are intimately connected to their organization’s daily transactions. Unfortunately, that monthly bill can put strain on the owner’s personal finances. Accounting for the various purchases and reimbursing yourself from the company account can be stressful to keep organized.

Fortunately, there’s a tool that not only makes it easier to handle that monthly bill, but even rewards the business owner for making purchases. You may have considered applying for a small business rewards card, you may have one already, or you may have determined they’re not for you. Every business is different, but in general, a small business rewards card can be a useful tool for business owners looking to:

  • Manage expenses and cash flow more conveniently
  • Establish a line of credit for their business
  • Keep business purchases separate from personal finances

A business rewards card works by setting up a line of credit dedicated to your business. With a separate line of credit, you may benefit from a higher credit limit than your personal credit might offer. This makes it easier to cover the larger purchases that are typical of a business. Various card programs work differently, but at Commerce the account balance can be paid automatically from your business account.

The best part of a rewards card, in our opinion, is that you get rewarded for making purchases for your business. You can decide between different types of rewards, from cash back to gift cards. For instance, the Commerce card applies cash back rewards as a statement credit. With that setup, your rewards earn you cash that goes directly back into your business. You can also choose airline travel rewards, which can save you money on tickets and hotels. You can use the points you earn for business travel or for vacation.

That’s the spirit Phil White of A to Z Auto Repair in Columbia, MO has embraced. “A business rewards card has allowed me to reward myself and my family,” he says. “We travel occasionally, so I use the rewards for airline tickets and hotel stays. It’s like getting a free vacation.”

Managing a small business is hard work enough, and it can be high stakes for the person in charge. Sure, owning your own business is a reward in and of itself. But even the owner needs a break. Business rewards cards are a perfect way to work self-care into your routine. Rack up points, take the vacation. You’ve earned it.

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