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While things are slow, consider these 5 ways to prep for your busy season.

Whether you’re a retailer prepping for the holidays, or a florist getting ready for wedding season, your busiest time of year is key to your business’s overall success. You want to make the most of the returning and new business you’re generating, but some years just getting through the season may feel like enough of a challenge.

But there are steps you can take now to optimize your processes and make the most of your busy season. Here are five places to start:

Look at upgrading your payment system.

Your credit and debit card terminal may require your staff to organize receipts and input data manually. A fully integrated point-of-sale system can turn a simple register into a strategic powerhouse for your business. There are several vendors who offer a point-of-sale system.  

For instance, Clover is a suite of products with a “merchant-first” design that can be customized to your business’s needs and expand as you grow. Clover allows business owners to accept a multitude of payment types, including contactless payments, and use both stationary and portable devices to better enable sales. 

Automate vendor payments processing.

Do you track and pay invoices manually? Do you mail checks to pay your vendors? It doesn’t have to be that way. You can automate your payment process to ensure timely payment, streamline approvals, and maybe even secure early payment discounts.

Commerce offers CashFlow Complete, a tool that automates the accounts payable process (along with the accounts receivable process) to improve cashflow.

Issue payroll electronically.

To help keep your employees focused and happy, consider setting up direct deposit for payroll. That way, their paycheck arrives directly to their account, and they don’t have to come in to pick up their check or spend time cashing it. Direct deposits also aren’t at risk of being lost or compromised.

Set up remote and mobile deposit.

If your business receives paper checks, you can set up a scanner in your office to deposit checks to your bank remotely. With mobile deposit, you can even deposit a check with a smartphone or tablet. That way, someone on your team doesn’t have to make a trip to the bank, and you can put that time toward meeting other priorities for your busy season.

Secure your defenses against fraud.

The last thing you need during your busy season is a data breach or fraud attempt. Make sure you have controls in place for payment fraud and that you’re PCI DSS compliant. Commerce has additional security tools available, like email alerts of suspicious activity so you can stay on top of your finances whenever, wherever and however you want.

When exploring ways to optimize your business, take into consideration your priorities, goals and your customers’ needs and preferences. It’s a good idea to talk to your bank representative about technology and solutions they may offer to support small businesses. A Commerce Bank small business specialist can talk through the right options for your business. To connect, call us at (866) 365-9346 or visit us online.

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