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Parrish-Hare Electrical Supply Building

Flipping the switch on revenue share.


Parrish-Hare Electrical Supply has their eye on the future, and Controller Diane Beatty is leading the way. “One of my goals is to do whatever we can electronically to make things easier on our staff, customers and vendors,” Diane shares. “Making everything easy and efficient is what I’m looking for.”

When she first learned of the CommercePayments® AP Card program through Commerce Bank several years ago, Diane knew she had found a simple way to pay vendors. “I was so impressed with the ease of it,” Diane remarks. “It was a no-brainer to use a system like this instead of having someone spend all day long filling envelopes. This is the push of a button.”

At first, Diane wondered how willing vendors would be to take a credit card but was pleasantly surprised to find how receptive they were. “It really was surprising to me that all these people use credit cards and have it built in their business to do so,” Diane says. “If they take credit cards, we use it.”

Diane and Parrish-Hare use the IMARK group purchasing organization, and see CommercePayments® as a natural fit that fills in the gaps. “You can just see with the revenue share earnings you’ve made at Commerce Bank all the vendors who take a credit card,” Diane says. “You can work with both a group purchasing organization and CommercePayments®.”

When Parrish-Hare switched shipping and delivery vendors, the transition was seamless thanks to the CommercePayments® team dedicated to enrolling suppliers. “We used the Commerce Bank automated system to pay one [supplier] and now we’ll be doing it with our new banking partner,” Diane explains. “We don’t have to do anything to make that happen and we earn money that way.”

For all their payment card transactions, Parrish-Hare leans on the CommercePayments® team. “If you ever have a problem or error, they’re on it right away,” Diane shares. “You don’t expect that kind of service from banks. The individual attention from Commerce makes you feel like people really know what’s going on. You’re not just another customer, it’s personal.”

At Parrish-Hare, Diane’s team is often part of the overhead of the organization. “We’re always the group that costs money,” she notes. “Working with Commerce is our way to earn money.” Diane enjoys each accounting meeting in which the CFO announces all the revenue share her team earned. “It’s recognition for work well done,” Diane adds.

With the CommercePayments® team at their side, Parrish-Hare increases its revenue in an unexpected way. “We’re not doing anything extra and Commerce Bank gives us more revenue to be able to do things we wouldn’t be able to do,” Diane says. When Parrish-Hare organized a donation to a women’s charity, the team was able to use an Amazon account linked to Commerce to purchase much-needed items to donate.

“You never feel like you’re on an island waiting for someone to call you back,” Diane shares. “When you talk about good customer service, that’s definitely Commerce Bank. Their team is just awesome.”

CommercePayments® solutions are provided by Commerce Bank.

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