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Dr. Pascoe Dentist

Banking on a successful move.

Dr. Gary Pascoe, D.M.D., P.C.
Denver, CO

Some situations require the services of a specialist. While general dentists can perform root canals, for example, many circumstances require the experience of an endodontist like Dr. Gary Pascoe, D.M.D., P.C., who has received specialized training in saving diseased teeth.

Dr. Pascoe, likewise, prefers to call in specialists when needed, which was exactly what he did when the lease on his Denver office was coming up for renewal.

Dr. Pascoe began working as an associate in that office in 2005, ultimately purchasing the practice the following year. A decade later, the office and some of the equipment had grown dated. “The time had come to either remodel or move to a new space,” he recalls, “and I didn’t have experience with either one.”

After making the decision to relocate, Dr. Pascoe hired an architect to design a fresh, new space that he could furnish with a mix of new and existing equipment. Meanwhile, he looked to another specialist — Commerce Bank — to help him finance the construction and move.

“Commerce provided a flexible financing package that not only worked with our cash flow, but made it possible to purchase new 3-D imaging equipment that expands our capabilities,” he says.

“By exploring different ways to bundle the loans and a line of credit together, we were able to find a solution that worked perfectly for me,” Dr. Pascoe says. “That included making sure the package fit within my overall personal financial picture.”

To complete the office’s “fresh start” in its new location, Dr. Pascoe also moved his office’s checking, merchant processing, business credit cards and other business banking accounts to Commerce.

“We’re a practice that is driven by quality, not by volume,” says Dr. Pascoe. “We get that same feeling when we work with Commerce. Everything they do has that personal touch.”

“A dental practice’s financial needs are different from those of other businesses. I educated Commerce on the specialty equipment we needed, and they taught me a lot about banking and all the financing options available to us.”
— Dr. Gary Pascoe

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