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Jenks Public Schools

Benefitting schools with a new revenue source


At Commerce Bank, our CommercePayments® team is committed to helping school systems generate a steady revenue stream to offset rising costs and reduced funding for many activities. With the CommercePayments® AP Card, you can earn monthly revenue share by simply replacing paper checks with electronic payments through the card networks. This flexible solution requires no software, and the CommercePayments® Supplier Enrollment team will contact and enroll suppliers on your behalf throughout the life of your program.

  • Retain existing processes and procedures
  • Reduce check expenses
  • Keep existing banking relationships
  • Revenue share paid monthly

“Once we decided to automate our accounts payable, it was important to find the right provider. We couldn’t be happier with Commerce Bank. They guided us through an incredibly smooth implementation and have delivered on every aspect of the solution. Their outstanding customer service has helped the program perform above our expectations, and the district is earning more monthly revenue than we anticipated.”

— Cody Way
Chief Financial Officer, Jenks Public Schools

Implementation Made Easy

Commerce Bank will help you get your program up and running without interruption and help you grow the program to maximize your revenue share.

  • Support teams help with file transfers, training and supplier enrollment
  • Account Managers assigned for ongoing program evaluation to help maximize monthly revenue
  • In-house Customer Service team
  • Flexible acceptance options to fit your suppliers’ unique payment needs
  • Access to the Supplier Hotline - your suppliers can contact the CommercePayments® team with payment questions.

We uncomplicate the complicated.

In today’s complex payments world, it’s critical to have strategists and consultants on your side to help you meet the opportunities and challenges you have.

The CommercePayments® team understands that your business comes with its share of challenges. We help you to anticipate, plan for and address these challenges by giving customized advice and recommending the right products and services based on your unique business situation.

We have high-touch, high-service strategists dedicated to empowering your payments. But the payments business demands more, and that’s why our team of consultants makes the difference in helping you uncomplicate the complicated.

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