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How to switch banks

Switch to Commerce Bank with this checklist

Follow these simple steps to change banks and switch to Commerce

Step 1: Open a New Commerce Bank Checking Account


Step 2: Change your Automatic Payments

Commerce Bank Quick Start Checklist[PDF]

Checking account and routing numbers can be found on your temporary checks

Step 3: Close Your Old Checking Account

It's time to close your old account. We suggest you:

  • Allow outstanding checks and payments to clear
  • Transfer the remaining balance by writing a check to Commerce Bank and depositing into your new account
  • Request your old account be closed by either contacting the old bank directly or sending the Account Closing Request[PDF] form

Questions about which account is right for you?

Compare account choices or just give us a call if you need help.


Locate a branch


  1. Ensure that funds are available in the correct account to make payments as scheduled.