Switch to Commerce Bank

Follow these simple steps to switch your account over to Commerce.

Step 1: Open a New Commerce Bank Checking Account

Step 2: Change your Automatic Payments

Once your new account is set up:

SwitchAgent® Offered by Commerce Bank

This online service moves your recurring automatic transactions from another financial institution to your Commerce Bank account!

For a one-time fee of $25.001, SwitchAgent helps alleviate the paperwork, phone calls and time it takes to switch your automatic deposits and payments. Simply enter the information and SwitchAgent does the rest, even providing you with a Switch Schedule2 showing when each transaction can be expected to switch to your Commerce checking account.

How do I sign up for SwitchAgent?

  • Log into your Commerce Bank Online Banking account. If your checking account is eligible, you will see an icon titled "Switch my Automatic Deposits & Payments". Click on that icon to get started.
  • If you need assistance, please call 866-590-6630.


Commerce Bank Quick Start Checklist[PDF]

Checking account and routing numbers can be found on your temporary checks

Step 3: Close Your Old Checking Account

It's time to close your old account. We suggest you:

  • Allow outstanding checks and payments to clear
  • Transfer the remaining balance by writing a check to Commerce Bank and depositing into your new account
  • Request your old account be closed by either contacting the old bank directly or sending the Account Closing Request[PDF] form

Questions about which account is right for you?

We’re here to help you make the best choice. Just give us a call.



  1. The $25 fee will be taken from the associated Commerce account utilizing SwitchAgent.

  2. Ensure that funds are available in the correct account to make payments as scheduled.