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Refinance your vehicle and save money by lowering your interest rate.

Refinance today!

Auto loan Refinance

Refinance your vehicle and save money

Refinancing a car can help you save money by lowering your interest rate, decreasing your monthly payment or allowing you to pay off your car loan sooner. At Commerce you can refinance at no cost — with no fees at loan closing.

Benefits of Refinancing with Commerce Bank

  1. Lower your monthly payment
  2. Lower your interest rate
  3. Borrow more money using your vehicle's equity
  4. No loan fees

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Refinancing Calculator

Auto Loan Refinance Rates

Save 0.25% off your interest rate

  • For having your payment automatically deducted from your Commerce checking or savings account.1

  • An additional 0.25% rate discount is available when $7,000 or more of the loan is refinanced from another lender.1

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Refinance today!

Ask you banker how to refinance your auto loan. We'll give you a clear picture of your loan refinancing options to better fit your budget and lending needs.

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Auto Loan Refinance FAQs

Yes. Simply apply now for a Personal Loan and wait for your loan decision. Plus, take advantage of any refinancing discounts available. To check the current rate discount offers and eligibility, visit our Vehicle Loans product page.
There are several benefits to refinancing your auto loan. You can lower your monthly payment, either by receiving a lower rate or by extending the term of your loan. Another benefit could be that you are refinancing with an institution that better fits your banking needs, making managing payments and your money easier.
When reviewing your application information, 3 common factors used to assess whether you qualify for the loan are:
  • Your credit history (FICO score)
  • Your ability to repay
  • The value of your vehicle
While these commonly assessed factors are used in consideration of your eligibility, there are several other factors that must be verified and meet our underwriting guidelines to qualify you for vehicle financing.
When you refinance, you may be able to get additional cash with a larger loan, depending on the amount of equity available in your vehicle. For instance, if your vehicle is worth $15,000, but you are refinancing an auto loan of $10,000, you may have $5,000 in equity available. This may allow you to increase the amount of your loan to $15,000, refinancing the $10,000 loan and giving you $5,000 in cash.
Yes. You can refinance classic cars with Commerce Bank.


  1. Rate discount cannot be combined with any other offer and is not available on dealer loans or refinances of Commerce Bank loans. Rate discounts cannot be combined with any other offer. Mortgages and dealer loans are not eligible to receive these rate discounts. Refinancing discount is limited to one discount per new installment loan and does not apply to Commerce credit card or loan account payoffs. In order to qualify for refinancing discount, must refinance $7,000 or more of debt from another lender. Student loan discount of 0.50% cannot be combined with auto loan ACH or refinance discounts of 0.25%.
  2. Extending your loan term will increase the amount of your total finance charges.
*Rates are subject to change. These rates are available only for new and used car, truck and motorcycle loans. Your APR will be determined based on creditworthiness, length and amount of loan, and age of collateral. For auto loans, new rates apply to the current vehicle model year or newer; used rates apply to the previous 6 model years. Higher rates may apply to collateral 7 or more years old. Must be 18 years or older to apply. Subject to credit approval.