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CommerceRelationship Checking

Higher-interest checking

CommerceRelationship Checking

Take advantage of higher yield checking and other added benefits for carrying a higher account balance.

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What you get

  • Free single/wallet-style Commerce Globe checks

  • No Commerce fee for ATM transactions nationwide

  • Other banks’ ATM fees refunded up to $10 per month3

  • Get a $50 Visa® Reward Card for every friend and family member you refer to open and use a new Commerce personal checking account, up to $500.

CommerceRelationship Checking Details

  • Minimum deposit to open:


  • Monthly service fee:

    $20 if the following balance requirement is not met4

  • Bank without the monthly fee!

    $5,000 average daily balance in this account OR $15,000 in combined deposit balances (checking, savings, money market, CD, and retail IRAs)5,6

  • Other fees:

    Free Statements (Paper and Paperless)

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$50 for you and $50 for your friend.

Earn up to $500 in Visa® Reward Cards when you refer friends and family.

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  1. Higher than CommerceInterest Checking.

  2. Commerce reserves the right to restrict or change. Preferred rate on PMMA balances greater than $10,000. Highest preferred rate on balances greater than $50,000.

  3. Transactions must be from CommerceRelationship Checking account.

  4. Monthly service charge waived for first 60 days after new account opening. This 60-day grace period does not apply to existing or converted accounts.

  5. Average daily balance means the ending ledger balance in the account each day, divided by the number of days in the month. You must maintain the minimum average daily balance for the monthly cycle.

  6. The person listed first on the CommerceRelationship Checking account must maintain the combined balances shown. Qualifying deposit accounts include personal checking, savings, money market, CD, and retail IRAs. Business accounts do not qualify. Combined balances are determined by using the actual balance on the day prior to the checking account statement cycle date each month.

 Get a $50 Visa Reward Card for every friend and family member you refer to open and use a new Commerce personal checking account, up to $500. Terms & Conditions apply and are available at

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