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Mississippi State University Visa Signature

MSUAA Visa Signature® Rewards Credit Card

Mississippi State University Alumni Association Rewards Visa Signature® Card

Get the card that rewards you and show your support for the MSUAA every time you make a purchase.3

  • Unlimited Cash Back1 with no point caps & no opt-in (Cash Back1 applied as a statement credit).
  • Redeem for Cash Back1, gift cards, travel, and more!2
  • No Annual Fee*
  • Zero Liability Coverage4
Apply now in minutes and get a quick response.
Mississippi State University Alumni Association


*   Important Terms of the Mississippi State University Alumni Association (MSUAA) Visa Signature® Rewards Credit Card [PDF]

  1. A Cash Back redemption is applied as a statement credit. The statement credit will reduce your balance, but you are still required to make at least your minimum payment. Values for non-cash back redemption items such as merchandise, gift cards, and travel may vary.
  2. Please note that merchants self-select the category in which transactions will be listed and some merchants may be owned by other companies, therefore transactions may not be counted in the category you might expect. Purchases made using Near Field Communications (NFC), virtual wallets, or similar technology may not be eligible for higher percentage categories.
  3. Purchase means “Net Merchandise Purchases” which are purchases of merchandise or services on the Account, less any returned merchandise credits or service credits posted to the Account. Net Merchandise Purchases do not include Cash Advances, Balance Transfers or transactions using Convenience Checks or any associated fees. Other exclusions apply. See for full program details.
  4. Customer must notify Commerce Bank within 60 days of receiving statement with unauthorized account activity.

To view or print a PDF file, Adobe® Reader® 9.5 or above is recommended. Download the latest version.