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My Milestones by Commerce™

Providing financial wellness solutions for your employee base.

As a business, we know that employee satisfaction is key to your success, and employee benefits make up an integral part of attraction and retention. Now there’s a no-cost benefit you can offer your team: Financial wellness.

The case for financial wellness is a clear business imperative:

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MyMilestones Demo

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Everything starts with the financial education provided by My Milestones by Commerce™. It’s a robust, self-directed tool that combines interactive quizzes, short videos, articles and more to help employees navigate their financial lives.

See it for yourself:

And, we’ll support you throughout the journey. We commit to:

  • Conduct a discovery session to understand your company’s goals.
  • Provide all the materials you’ll need to promote My Milestones by Commerce™ to your employees.
  • Share insights with you on the topics your employees engage with the most so you can address these through additional benefits.
  • Supporting webinars on topics your employees are researching.

Financial wellness is good for your company and your employees.

Benefits for Your Business

Increased productivity.

Enhanced benefits package at no cost to you.

Increased employee satisfaction and retention.

Benefits for Your Employees

Reduced stress.

Greater financial literacy.

Increased satisfaction with work.


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