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Online Banking FAQs

Can I activate Online Banking if I don’t live in the United States?

Yes. Commerce Bank customers may activate Online Banking through the internet regardless of their mailing address. Unfortunately, customers with a foreign address are not able to enroll in Bill Pay or Online Banking through Quicken®. Please view Online Banking Terms and Conditions for more information.

When attempting to log in, I receive a message that cookies must be enabled. What do I need to do?

Websites store information in a small text file on your computer called a cookie. If you receive a message that cookies must be enabled, verify that cookies are enabled in your browser settings. If they are, ensure that the date displayed on your computer is today’s date. If the date is incorrect, please adjust your computer settings to correct the date and attempt to log in again.

What are the fees for Online Banking?

The fees for Online Banking are based on the method of access and the services you select.

Online Banking (
Through Quicken®
Online Banking Free for all account types Free with a CommerceRelationship Checking account.
For other accounts: $3.00 per month for up to eight online sessions.
Each additional session: $0.35.
Bill Pay Free for all account types Free with a CommerceRelationship Checking account*
For other accounts (includes Online Banking plus Bill Pay): First two months free, then $9.95 per month for up to 20 bill payments.
Each additional payment: $0.60.
    *One free Bill Pay account through Quicken®, per CommerceRelationship household.

How do I change my Customer ID?

You may change your Customer ID through Online Banking.
  • Click on “My Profile” under “Customer Service”
  • Choose “Customer ID”
  • You will be asked to verify your current Customer ID
  • Select a new Customer ID

As you select a new Customer ID, please view “What are the Customer ID requirements?”

What are the Customer ID Requirements?

  • Your Customer ID must be between six and 32 characters
  • Your ID should include both letters and numbers. IDs are not case sensitive
  • Your ID may not contain special characters
  • Your ID cannot be the same as your password

How do I change my password?

You may change your password through Online Banking.
  • Click on “My Profile” under “Customer Service”
  • Choose “Password”
  • You will be asked to verify your current password
  • Select a new password

What are the password requirements?

  • Your password must be between eight and 32 characters
  • Your password is case sensitive, and must contain a mixture of lowercase letters, uppercase letters, at least one number, and at least one of the following special characters: - ' . , @ : ? ! ( ) $ \ / % ^ * + | { } [ ] ~ ` #
  • Your password must not contain any letter or number repeated three or more times consecutively, such as AAA or 111.
  • Though not a requirement, we strongly recommend that your password does not include any part of your name, your initials, or any four consecutive numbers of your Social Security number, phone number or address

Do I need to change my Customer ID when I change my password?

No, you are not required to change your Customer ID when you change your password. But it is a best practice to do so.

Can my spouse/partner and I share an Online Banking profile?

Online Banking profiles are considered individual accounts and each Commerce Bank customer should have their own unique login and password.

How frequently is my account information updated?

Your transactions are updated as they are received and processed. These include transactions made at a Commerce ATM, at the teller line, and for certain Visa® Debit Card transactions. Your “Current Balance” is updated every business day from the transactions that have cleared your account the previous day. Your “Available Balance” is the portion of your balance that is immediately available for use. View your Deposit Agreement for more information about your account balance.

How do I select paperless statements, paper statements or change my statement option?

No matter which option you select, your deposit or credit card statements are available to view in Online Banking for seven years. Plus, you can elect to receive an email each month when your new statement is available. (This is required if you select Paperless Statements.) To stop receiving paper statements, under “Customer Service,” click on “Account Management,” then select “Statement & Overdraft/Insufficient Funds Notice Options” and follow the instructions.
Statement options include:
  • Paperless statements:
    Paperless statements are FREE for all accounts. Enjoy the convenience of paperless statements. Plus, you’ll receive an email each month to let you know when your new statement is available.
  • Paperless statements with images:
    Paperless statements with images of canceled checks and deposit tickets are FREE for all accounts. You’ll receive an email each month when your new statement is available.
  • Paperless statements:
    Fees may apply for paper statements; please view “Statement Options Fee Schedule” for details. You’ll continue to receive a paper statement every month, but we’ll store your checks for you.
  • Paperless statements with images:
    Fees may apply for check image statements; please view “Statement Options Fee Schedule” for details. You’ll receive your statement in the mail; plus, you’ll get images of your canceled checks and deposit tickets each month.

How do I change my email or mailing address?

You may change your Contact Information (email address, mailing address and phone number) in the “My Profile” section of “Customer Service” in Online Banking. You’ll need to change your email address in Bill Pay as well, in the “Profile” tab.

How do I get a copy of a check or statement?

Both checks and statements are available in Online Banking.

For a check copy:
On the “Account Activity” screen for your checking account
  • Locate the check
  • Click the dropdown arrow or the check icon in front of the description of the item to view additional details
  • Click “Front of Check” or “Back of Check”
To view the most recent statement available:
  • Click “View Last Statement” in the upper right-hand side of the Account Activity page for account types that offer statements online.
To view statements dated further back:
  • Go to the “Accounts” section of Online Banking
  • Select “Statements”
  • Click on the dropdown menus to select the account and the statement period you wish to view
  • Select the statement you wish to view.
  • You can also choose “View Statements” under "Account Tools" in the left-hand navigation on the Account Activity page.
    • In the new page that opens, you can select a statement from the current year or up to 7 years prior.

Are there limits to the types of transfers I can do with Online Banking?

You may transfer funds between personal checking, savings and money market accounts at Commerce. You may also transfer funds from a personal deposit account to a Commerce personal loan or credit card to make a payment. In addition, you may transfer funds from a Home Equity Line of Credit to a personal deposit account.

Fees may apply for transfers from a savings account. For more information, please refer to the fee schedule applicable to your account.

To view which of your accounts are eligible for transfers:
  • Click “Transfers”
  • Select the dropdown menu for “From” and “To” accounts

How much transaction history can I view online?

For deposit accounts, you can view six months of transaction history for free on the Account Activity page. You also have the option to purchase transaction history up to 12 or 24 months. You can view up to 12 months of history for other account types.

What time of day do transfers occur? When is the latest time I can change or cancel a transfer?

If you make a transfer between deposit accounts or to a personal loan or line of credit, it will happen immediately as long as it’s before 7 p.m. CT on a Business Day. If you are transferring to a small business loan or line of credit, the cutoff time is 4 p.m. CT on a business day. “Business Days” are Monday through Friday. Federal holidays are not included.

You may only change or cancel the transfer before it has been processed. Requests to transfer funds to a Commerce credit card account received on a business day before 7 p.m. CT will be debited from your Deposit Account on the same business day, but credited to your credit card account on the next business day.

If you schedule a transfer to occur at a later date, the transfer will be made at 7 p.m. CT on the business day that is scheduled to happen. You may change or cancel a future scheduled transfer up to the cutoff time listed above.

View our Online Banking Terms and Conditions for full details.

Is there a way to save my account information to my computer?

Yes. You may export your transactions to a file.
From the “Transaction Download” screens:
  • Choose “Accounts”
  • Select “Download Transactions”
  • Select the “Account”
  • Input a “From” and a “To” date
  • Select the type of file you’d like to “Download To”
    • You may select Money (.OFX), QuickBooks® (.QBO), Quicken® (.QFX) or Comma-separated Values file (.CSV)
  • Select “Download”

What is Enhanced Security?

In addition to your Customer ID and Password, Enhanced Security — our multi-factor authentication solution — verifies your identity at login. Our multi-factor authentication solution replaces Security Questions & Answers.

How do I set up Enhanced Security?

When prompted to set up your preferred Enhanced Security method within Online Banking or the Commerce Bank Mobile App, select the method that works best for you, then follow the validation instructions. Your preferred method will be used for both Online Banking and the Mobile App.

Will I have to use security questions and answers once I set up Enhanced Security?

Once you set up Enhanced Security, you will no longer be prompted to enter answers to your security questions.

How do I change my Enhanced Security Settings?

You may change your preferred Enhanced Security settings at any time by accessing "My Profile>Enhanced Security" Settings in Online Banking or "Profile, Settings & Alerts>Enhanced Security Settings" in the Commerce Bank Mobile App.

What if I’m locked out of Enhanced Security?

Please call our Customer Care Center at 833-509-3246 to reset your authentication methods.

Will I be prompted to authenticate with Enhanced Security every time I log in to Online Banking or the Commerce Bank Mobile App?

No. After initial setup, you will only be prompted to authenticate with Enhanced Security when you are using an unrecognized device or we detect other high-risk anomalies based on previous authentication.

What do I do if I lose my device that is associated with Enhanced Security?

Try logging in to Online Banking or the Mobile App. If you are able to authenticate, update your contact information and your Enhanced Security Settings. If you are unable to authenticate, call our Customer Care Center at 833-509-3246 to reset your Enhanced Security Settings.

How many methods of authentication am I required to set up? Can I set up more than one method?

One method of authentication is required. You can set up as many methods as you’d like, by going to Enhanced Security Settings.

Can I skip the set up for Enhanced Security on my next login attempt?

Yes, you can skip Enhanced Security set up one time by clicking “Set up later".

What if my contact information is outdated?

Try logging in to Online Banking or the Commerce Bank Mobile App. If you are able to authenticate, update your contact information within Settings. If you are unable to authenticate, call our Customer Care Center at 833-509-3246 to update your contact information.
  • In Online Banking, it is called "My Profile" (Customer Service "My Profile").
  • In the mobile app, choose the "Menu" button, then "Profile, Settings & Alerts" then "Contact Info."

If I’m having troubles setting up Enhanced Security or authenticating, what should I do?

Please call our Customer Care Center at 833-509-3246.

What alerts will I receive with Enhanced Security?

Security alerts will be emailed to your primary email address on file in the following scenarios:
  • Commerce Bank Online account access locked
  • Enhanced Security settings changed
  • Enhanced Security authentication method enrolled

What do I do if I don’t receive my one-time security code?

Click “Resend Code” to generate a new one-time security code. If you continue to have problems, call our Customer Care Center at 833-509-3246.

What if I receive a one-time security code that I didn’t request?

Please call our Customer Care Center immediately at 833-509-3246.

How do I use Enhanced Security while traveling outside the US?

If you have access to WIFI or an International Travel plan, this service should not be interrupted.

I’m having trouble connecting to a third-party money management provider, what should I do?

At Commerce, we are always working to enhance our security practices. As a result, third-party service providers that use your Online Banking credentials to connect your financial accounts with their services may not properly connect.

Please contact our Customer Care Center at 833-509-3246 and provide us with the following information:

  • The third-party provider you are trying to connect
  • What you use this provider for (i.e. bookkeeping, budgeting, etc.)
  • Date and time when you first experienced the issue

We will contact the provider on your behalf in an effort to resolve the issue.

Will I have to answer all three questions every time I am challenged?

No, you can just answer one. We ask you to provide answers to three questions so that we can present you with different questions at different times.

Can I also change my Security Questions and answers?

Yes, you can – just click on “Customer Service.”

Will you always ask the same question first?

No, we’ll choose randomly among your three questions.

Why am I being asked to set up security questions?

Your security questions help us verify your identity.

I use Online Banking from home and work. Can you remember two different computers?

Yes – you can ask us to remember computers that you regularly use. For your security, these should not be public computers – for example, the computers at the public library.

Will the system automatically remember my computer?

No, you can ask us to remember the computer you’re using.


† To send an email that contains confidential information, please visit the Secure Message Center where there are additional instructions about whether to use Secure Email or Online Banking messaging.

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