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8 home improvement projects that deliver high returns.

Whether you’re dreaming about additional space for a growing family or minor cosmetic updates to improve your home’s appearance, renovating your home can make it a more comfortable and enjoyable place to live. But when it comes to recouping the cost of your remodeling efforts, some projects deliver more bang for your buck than others.

8 projects that deliver the highest ROI

The information below is based on Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost to Value report, which compares the cost of the most popular remodeling projects to the value these projects retain at resale. In general, exterior projects that boost curb appeal tend to provide the highest returns. Keep in mind that the costs below are based on national averages and may vary by region.


Average cost

Average return
on investment

Garage door replacement $3,611 97.5%
Manufactured stone veneer $8,907 94.9%
Minor kitchen remodel
$22,507 80.5%
Wooden deck addition
$13,333 75.6%
Siding replacement
$16,036 75.6%
Front door replacement (steel)
$1,826 74.9%
Window replacement (vinyl)
$16,802 73.4%
Grand entrance (fiberglass)
$8,994 71.9%

Surprising low-cost ways to boost your home value

There are many ways to improve your home — and add value — without spending a lot of money. Small touches and minor upgrades to the inside and outside of your home can make a big impact. Consider these low-cost ideas to boost your home’s appearance.


  • Paint your front door
  • Plant trees and flowers
  • Power wash your home’s siding and driveway
  • Focus on landscaping projects that provide space to play, entertain or relax


  • Paint walls and trim
  • Deep clean your home
  • Update light fixtures
  • Refinish kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them

Financing your home improvement projects

As a homeowner, you have options when it comes to paying for your home renovations. If your savings can’t cover the full cost of a project, tapping into your home’s equity, with a home equity loan or home equity line of credit (HELOC) may provide a convenient solution. Home equity borrowing often involves no closing costs, and generally offers lower interest rates than other forms of borrowing. A HELOC or home equity loan may also be tax-deductible when used for home improvement projects. (consult your tax advisor for details).

A home equity loan can be a smart solution for projects that require an upfront sum. The amount you qualify to borrow is based on a percentage of your home’s value, and your interest rate and monthly payment are fixed for the life of the loan.

A HELOC may offer more flexible payment options, especially if your project has many phases and you don’t need the full amount to cover your project all at once. With a HELOC, you make a monthly payment to repay what you’ve borrowed, and you accrue interest only on the funds you use. Similar to a credit card, your available credit replenishes as you make payments, so you can use it again and again.

While home improvement projects can boost the comfort, security and appearance of your home, certain renovations add more value than others. And that can put you in a smart financial position when you’re ready to sell. For more information about financing your home improvement projects or to learn more about home equity options, contact your local Commerce Bank branch.

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