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Time saving tech tools for busy families.

From carpooling and grocery shopping to managing a household budget and tackling daily to-do lists, today’s families are pulled in multiple directions. Fortunately, there are a number of tech tools to help you securely and conveniently manage your life — and your finances — so you can get more family time back to spend on the things you enjoy.

Family organizing

It can feel like a full-time job just keeping track of who has to be where and when. These tools let you easily organize and share schedules, manage to-do lists and more, so you can spend less time managing your schedule and more time enjoying it.

Cozi makes it easy to organize your family calendar and manage to do lists — all in one place. Enter appointments and recurring events, send reminders to family members, make a timeline of family photos and even create a family journal.

Google Calendar is accessible online via any digital device, including your smartphone. Family members can see individual and family schedules by day, week and month. Make managing multiple schedules even easier by assigning family members their own color code.

Grocery shopping and meal planning

Tired, hungry kids (and parents) can turn meal time into misery. These apps can help you plan, shop and cook more efficiently.

Mealime helps busy families plan healthy meals that can be on the table in 30 minutes or less. Create grocery lists, plan meals based on dietary preferences and even get nutrition information to help you see what you’re eating.

Out of Milk ensures that you’ll never come home from the grocery store again without the item you went for in the first place. The app lets you keep track of pantry essentials, create and share multiple shopping lists, scan items in your shopping list and even display a running total of list items.

More and more grocery stores are adding faster and more streamlined shopping options to make life easier for busy families. Check with your local grocer to see if they offer time-saving services like online ordering, in-store pickup and same-day delivery options.

Paper documents and photo management

Do you spend too much time hunting for important documents like receipts, medical records and bank statements? Control the paper clutter by digitizing your documents and storing them in a convenient, easily accessible location.

Dropbox lets you store and share large files, even when you’re on the go. It helps you save time you’d otherwise spend sifting through mountains of paper, important documents, even family photos and videos.

Genius Scan is like having a scanner on-the-go. Easily scan multiple documents and save them as a JPEG or PDF. It’s ideal for scanning items like receipts, report cards, kids’ immunization records and more.

Money management

Managing your finances using technology is easier and more convenient than ever. For busy families, this means saving time by avoiding an extra trip to the bank. Take advantage of features like mobile deposit, bill pay and transferring funds between accounts — anytime and anywhere.

Commerce Bank customers can enjoy these additional Online Banking and Mobile Banking features:

  • View your account balances
  • Set up future and recurring bill payments
  • Get reminders when bills are due
  • Track expenses and take charge of spending with account monitoring
  • Pay using digital wallets: a convenient option when you’re out and about
  • Set alerts via text, push notifications and email to notify you of specific account activity
  • Lock your misplaced credit or debit card until it’s found
  • Sign up for paperless statements for less paper clutter at home

These convenient tech tools can help you save time, stay organized and better manage your money — so you have more time to spend building family memories. To learn more about Commerce Bank’s digital money management tools, visit

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