Mobile Banking FAQs

What is the difference between Online Banking and Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking is designed specifically for mobile devices, so it will display properly and be easy to navigate. Online Banking at can be accessed with a computer, tablet or phone, but is designed for computers. The things you do most often can be done through either Online Banking or Mobile Banking, such as checking your balance, reviewing transactions and paying bills. A few tasks can only be done through Online Banking at, such as enrolling for Bill Pay, signing up for Account Alerts or changing your address. Commerce Mobile Deposit is only available through the Commerce Bank Mobile Banking Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, because it requires the use of the device’s camera.

What can I do with Mobile Banking?

You can view balances and account activity, complete transfers between Commerce accounts, pay bills and deposit checks.

How much does it cost to use Mobile Banking?

There is no fee to use the service. Message and data usage fees may apply; check with your wireless or VoIP provider for more information. Please refer to the Commerce Bank Mobile Banking App for more information.

How do I enroll for Mobile Banking?

If you’re a Commerce Online Banking customer, no additional enrollment is needed; just download the App from the App Store or the Google Play store. Otherwise, you must enroll for Commerce Online Banking in order to access Commerce Mobile Banking.

How do I download the Commerce Mobile Banking App?

Visit the App Store for your iPad and iPhone, or Google Play for your Android device, and search for "Commerce Bank."

What devices work with Mobile Banking?

Android, iPhone and iPad devices with the following Operating Systems are supported:

  • Android™ (Android):
    • 4.1 or later
  • Apple®(Apple) iOS:
    • iOS 7.0 or later

I’ve downloaded the app; how do I sign in for the first time?

On the login page, enter the same Customer ID and Password you use for Online Banking. If prompted, answer your challenge question, then review and accept the Terms and Conditions.

What if I don’t remember my Customer ID?

Please contact us at 800-986-2265 if you don’t remember your Customer ID.

What if I don’t remember my Password?

If you have forgotten your Password, click on the "Forgot Your Password?” link on the Online Banking Login page. Please provide the information requested and click “Continue.” Once the information is verified, you will be able to choose a new Password. Or, you can call Customer Service at 800-986-2265 for assistance. Passwords cannot be reset within Mobile Banking.

What is “Remember Me”?

By choosing to “Remember Me” you will not be required to enter your Customer ID each time you log in to Mobile Banking.

What if I become locked out of Mobile Banking?

Please contact us at 800-986-2265.

What happens if my mobile phone or iPad is lost or stolen?

You should follow all steps recommended by your service provider if you lose your phone or iPad. Please contact us at 844-782-7206 if you have any questions.

How secure is Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking employs commercially-reasonable security practices to help protect your account information. Our security measures include Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 256-bit encryption and device recognition technology which may occasionally challenge you with security questions. Our login helps verify your identity efficiently and safely.

Mobile Banking is covered by the same
Online Banking Guarantee as Commerce Bank Online Banking. Our Online Banking Guarantee for personal accounts ensures that you will not be liable in the unlikely event of funds being removed from your account due to the use of Online Banking, either through online theft of your account numbers or password, or by unauthorized removal of funds from your accounts through Online Banking. For more details and limitations, consult the Online Banking Terms and Conditions.

Can I transfer funds in Mobile Banking?

Yes, you can transfer funds between your eligible Commerce accounts using Mobile Banking.

How do I sign up for Online Bill Pay?

Online Bill Pay enrollment cannot be completed within Mobile Banking. You can sign up for Online Bill Pay when you activate your Online Banking account, or by clicking “Pay Bills” at the top of the Online Banking screen. Once your enrollment is processed, you will be able to pay bills from your mobile device.

Can I use Mobile Banking outside of the U.S.?

Yes, as long as your mobile carrier offers Internet service in the country you are visiting. Any additional charges from your carrier will apply (e.g. roaming, access, text charges, etc.). Note: The ability to use Commerce Mobile Deposit isn’t available outside the U.S.

What is Touch ID?

Touch ID is Apple’s fingerprint authentication technology. If you have the iPhone 5s or a later model, you can use the fingerprints stored on your device instead of your password to log in to Commerce Bank Mobile Banking.

Touch ID is designed to be secure, but we don’t recommend using Touch ID if you share your phone or device passcode with others. Anyone who knows your device’s passcode can add a fingerprint to your device – and once added, that fingerprint can be used to access Commerce Bank Mobile Banking, and any other apps that you’ve set up to use Touch ID.

To set up Touch ID, you must first set up your fingerprint in your iPhone settings and then turn on Touch ID from the More menu in the Commerce Bank Mobile Banking app. Your Customer ID will be saved to the device.

What is Instant Balance?

Instant Balance lets you take a quick peek at an account balance without logging in first. All you have to do is tap the Instant Balance icon on the log in screen.

To set up Instant Balance, log in to the Commerce Bank Mobile Banking app, go to the Instant Balance option in the More menu, switch on the feature, and choose what accounts, up to 5, you would like to view. You will need to save your Customer ID to the device.

Please note this feature is not password protected. Though your account number is always hidden, other people could see your balances if your device is lost or stolen.

We recommend you always keep your device’s password protection turned on.

Commerce Mobile Deposit FAQs

What is Commerce Mobile Deposit?

Commerce Mobile Deposit allows you to deposit checks to a Commerce checking or savings account by taking a picture with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device camera.

Is there a fee for using Commerce Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is free. Please consult with your mobile carrier regarding carrier and web access charges.

What accounts are eligible for Commerce Mobile Deposit?

To be eligible to receive a deposit via Commerce Mobile Deposit, the checking or savings account must (at the time of the mobile deposit) be open for at least 6 months and be considered in good standing. If a customer has any accounts that are not in good standing, all of that customer’s accounts may be ineligible. However, Commerce retains the right to not accept any check for Commerce Mobile Deposit.

Can I make a mobile deposit to a non-Commerce account?

No, Commerce Mobile Deposit allows for deposits to eligible Commerce checking and savings accounts only.

What mobile devices support Commerce Mobile Deposit (subject to change without notice)?

  • iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 6 and 7 models
    • Apple iOS 7.0 or newer
  • Google Android models
    • Android (Jelly Bean) 4.1 or newer
    • Cameras with 2.0+ megapixel resolution and autofocus
    • Either touch screen or keyboard phones
  • iPad 3, 4 and Mini
    • Apple iOS 7.0 or newer
    • Cameras with 2.0+ megapixel resolution and autofocus
    • NOTE: The iPad 1 and 2 do not meet the minimum camera resolution requirements


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