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Round Up

Round-up savings calculator

See how much you could save per month.

Pick the amount you want to add to your savings with each debit card purchase. Here’s how Round Up works:

  • Choose $1 and round up to the next dollar.
  • Choose $3 and round up to the next dollar plus $2 more.
  • Choose $5 and round up to the next dollar plus $4 more.

With every debit card purchase, we’ll round up your purchase, and automatically transfer the total amount of the Round Up plus the $2 or $4 more if chosen. On days you have multiple debit card purchases, we’ll add up all of your daily Round Ups and make one transfer to your savings.

Use our calculator to get an idea of how much you could save.

Choose your round-up amount.

Select from these sample weekly purchases.

Retail purchase

Possible savings per week:


Possible savings per year:



Sample weekly transactions are used to demonstrate how Round Up functions. Your results will vary, based on your actual transactions and volume.