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Flexible payments for shopping with FlexPay

Pay Expenses over Time

With Commerce
Bank's FlexPay

With Commerce Bank's FlexPay

At last, a banking solution for big purchases that allows you to pay over time.

FlexPay is a new credit card feature with Commerce Bank that lets you set up flex payments on purchases over $100. Instead of paying your normal interest rate, you can pay off your purchase over time in fixed, equal monthly payments with just an affordable, fixed fee.

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Here's how you can use FlexPay:

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Simply use your card
to make purchases
of $100 or more.

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Log in to the
Commerce Bank Mobile App
or Online Banking and
look for the “Create a Plan” button
or the “FlexPay Qualified Icon.”

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Easily pick the
FlexPay plan length
that works best for you
and your cash flow.


How do I sign up?

There’s no need to sign up. FlexPay is a feature of your Commerce Bank credit card.

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Guy enjoys his new purchase with manageable payments.

Start today with Commerce Bank's flex payment plan.

Do you need to shop today and pay in installments? Try FlexPay.


Cardholder must meet eligibility criteria to use FlexPay. Only purchases equal to or greater than $100 are considered FlexPay-qualified transactions. Purchases equal to or greater than $100 may be split into Installment Plans which may last for 3-12 months, with a fixed Installment Plan Fee ranging from 1%-12% of the FlexPay transaction based on borrowing behavior and household income. Cardholder may only select purchases for FlexPay from the current or previous cycle(s). Users may have up to 10 active Installment Plans for the duration of the Installment Plan term, plus one after completion. Your FlexPay payment will be included in your minimum payment on your credit card statement. Your first FlexPay payment is due on the next payment due date occurring after your current billing cycle.
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