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Post-Purchase Installment FAQ’s

FlexPay allows you to split credit card transactions greater than or equal to $100 into fixed, equal monthly payments with no interest — just an affordable, fixed fee.
Yes, if your credit card is enrolled in a rewards program, you will still earn rewards the same way you always do.
You will not be charged interest on a transaction once it’s in a FlexPay plan. Instead, there’s a fixed monthly fee for each plan that’s disclosed upfront.
FlexPay has no effect on your credit score and doesn’t count as an additional line of credit. Any balances held in FlexPay plans will reduce your available credit limit.
FlexPay works by utilizing the available balance on your credit card. You simply select a qualifying transaction, choose a payment plan that works for your budget, and confirm. The transaction amount is divided into equal payments. The remaining balance will be held on your credit card until the final payment is made.
There’s no need to sign up. FlexPay is a perk of your Commerce Bank credit card!
You can create a plan by selecting a qualifying transaction from your account activity or through the FlexPay Plans dashboard.
Any transaction greater than or equal to $100 with the “FlexPay” icon FlexPay icon next to it qualifies. Cash advances, balance transfers, or transactions using convenience checks, or any associated fees are not qualified for FlexPay.
Installment Plans cannot be cancelled after they have been set up, but you can choose to pay the FlexPay plan early by paying the new balance, shown on your most recent Statement, in full. If you pay a FlexPay plan off early, you will not incur any future FlexPay plan fees for that FlexPay plan.
Your FlexPay plan payment will be added to your minimum payment due on your statement.
You may have up to 10 active or pending plans on your account at one time.
You won’t need to make a separate payment for your active plans. We’ll automatically add the FlexPay plan payment to your minimum payment due each billing cycle. If you pay at least your minimum payment when it’s due each billing cycle, you’ll pay off your FlexPay plan on time.
Only the primary account owner can create a FlexPay plan.
Toggle® transactions set to “Pay Now®” will not qualify for FlexPay. However, if you unwind a Toggle® transaction, once it posts to your account, that transaction could be qualified for FlexPay. Pay Later transactions that meet the eligibility criteria on your account are qualified for FlexPay.
You don’t need to take any action — your autopay will pay the full transaction balance and then pay off your first monthly FlexPay plan payment due.
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