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Moving to a new place? Commerce Bank has you covered.


Moving to a new place?

Starting fresh in a new place can put you in the right frame of mind to think about a fresh start for your finances, too. We can help you get organized to make the transition to your new place even easier.

Your move is an opportunity to take another look at goals like:

  • Getting a checking account that fits you now
  • Organizing and managing your money
  • Buying a home
  • Remodeling to make your new place your own
  • Protecting your assets 

Personal advice, when and where you need it

A friendly face can help you feel welcome and point you in the right direction. The Commerce Bank CONNECTTM app lets you interact directly with a real person who can connect you with the solutions you need, right from your smartphone. You choose the banker, and they can help direct you to the solutions that best fit your goals, like finding financing for your dream kitchen or just making sure all your paperwork has your new address.

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We have solutions that can help you feel right at home:

CommerceRelationship Checking. This is a great time to evaluate your current situation and see if it fits your current needs. If you decide you want more from your banking relationship, we can help.

Digital Banking solutions. Having your bank in your pocket is helpful in the middle of a move. With our mobile banking app, you can deposit checks, pay bills, or set up account alerts to help you keep track of it all and manage your account security. You can lock and unlock your debit or credit cards, or let us know when you’re traveling.

Mortgage. Dream home, check. Now on to dream loan. We give you a simple, quick online mortgage application process and a mortgage professional that will help you through the homebuying experience. You still have to unpack the boxes.

Home Equity. Found the almost-perfect home? Make it perfect with a home equity loan that can be used for building additions, repairs, remodeling — you name it.

Identity Theft Services. Bubble wrap is great for protecting the coffee table, but you need something a little stronger to protect your identity.


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