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Special Connections® Credit Card Reviews

Special Connections Visa Credit Card
4.4/5 overall rating
(3077 reviews)
Get the card that rewards you with up to 3% Cash Back1 in all your favorite categories!2
1 Cash Back applied as a statement credit.
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Like having ATM access and Visa credit card all in one. You need to add the Tap-to-Pay feature to keep up with the other cards that are available
Florissant, MO
Cardholder since 1983

Not used much

The Special Connections credit card is sufficient for use as overdraft protection for my banking account.
Overland Park, KS
Cardholder since 2004

Lots of features available, but...

After taking the survey, I became aware of many features that are available with the Special Connections Card, however apparently, the only way most these can be learned about is by digging further online. Since I am not a big fan of totally online banking, these features were mostly unknown to myself and would likely put others in the same situation.
Florissant, MO
Cardholder since 1986
Overland Park, KS
Cardholder since 1994

Thank you!

You have been very helpful with a credit card dispute we had.
Blue Springs, MO
Cardholder since 1998
Harrisonville, MO
Cardholder since 2009
Brookline, MO
Cardholder since 1998

greta service and a watchful eye

over the years there have been a few folks who tried to unlawfully use our credit card number. Commerce has been amazing at detecting and then thwarting them! thank you Commerce
Florissant, MO
Cardholder since 1997
Charles R
Manhattan, KS
Cardholder since 1971
Wentzville, MO
Cardholder since 1995


  1. A Cash Back redemption is applied as a statement credit. The statement credit will reduce your balance, but you are still required to make at least your minimum payment. Values for non-cash back redemption items such as merchandise, gift cards, and travel may vary. Visit for full rewards program details.

  2. Please note that merchants self-select the category in which transactions will be listed and some merchants may be owned by other companies, therefore transactions may not be counted in the category you might expect. Purchases made using Near Field Communication (NFC), virtual wallets, or similar technology may not be eligible for bonus points. Offer cannot be combined with other promotional offers or World Elite MasterCard® points earned for travel and restaurants.

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