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Special Connections® Credit Card Reviews

Special Connections Visa Credit Cardfour stars  4.3/5 overall rating (151 reviews)

Get the card that rewards you with up to 3% Cash Back1 in all your favorite categories!2

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1Cash Back applied as a statement credit.
Martin M
Really happy with the card and services. Wish there were more company's with toggle devices. There are places that don't accept commerce visa cards, I end up using my commerce debit card.

Ballwin, Missouri

Kerri M
Has great rewards available.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dorothy T
The chip no longer works. I called to report and was taken care of very promptly.

Libertyville, Illinois

Paul D
Have had this card for years and been more than satisfied with your service.

Brookfield, Missouri

William L
Low interest rates and a significant line of credit.

Harrisburg, Illinois

Leonard T
It has all the features to be an excellent card.

Kansas City, Kansas

Carlos R

Arlington, Texas

Doran S
Easy to use. Good rewards.

Gower, Missouri

Deborah M
Can transfer money from other accounts to pay bill. Card works well overseas.

Kansas City, Missouri

Kent B
Great card, great annual percentage rate, no complaints.

Post Falls, Idaho

Carolyn W
Discounts, and payment options.

Grove City, Ohio

James R
Well I only had to call once for a question and got my answer rather quickly, very happy.

Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

Roleta P
I have had a credit card for many years. I have never had an issue that hasn't been resolved immediately.

Lenexa, Kansas

Timothy W
Very happy with all options available with this card and account.

Des Moines, Iowa

Kent P
I feel it is a very good card to have.

Kansas City, Idaho

Sheri B
APR, easy online payment options and helpful when you need it.

Churubusco, Indiana

Special Connections Visa Credit Card

Special Connections® Credit Card

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Kathleen P
I only use this card intermittently and have never had any problems with it.

Bolingbrook, Illinois

James C
Good interest rates would like to see credit line increase.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Duwayne R
It's been a great card.

Atwood, Kansas

Daryl C
No errors in transactions/billing.

Hamilton, Ohio

Kathleen P
I have a small credit limit which helps me keep on track and I especially like the rewards program. It makes a difference. Very satisfied with my card and will continue to use it in the future.

Eveleth, Minnesota

Charisse C
Commerce Bank has been around so long and I was introduced to commerce by friends and family who have been banking with commerce for years.

Saint Louis, Missouri

Security and contacting me immediately.

Liberty, Missouri

Carolyn M
I like the credit limit, also balance transfer. I so far like this card.

Omaha, Nebraska

Janice R
Have always been treated well and love the overdraft protection to my credit card feature.

Kansas City, Missouri

Debra B
Completely satisfied always been really helpful great card.

Amarillo, Missouri

Bonnie B
No particular reason, just satisfied with it.

Pevely, Missouri

Laura M

Springtown, Texas

Sherrita T
The interest does not take all my payment.

Wichita, Kansas

Carlos M
Great card, no problems with store purchases.

Plano, Texas

Maria H
I've had this for a while and it's helped me raise my credit score and commerce bank is so easy to work with! I love the rewards program and ease of checking my account through the app!

Carl Junction, Missouri

Elizabeth A
I appreciate the security and the immediacy of contacting us when there is odd activity on the card.

Saint Louis, Missouri

Special Connections Visa Credit Card

Special Connections® Credit Card

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Jan P
It always works. When it doesn't there is good help available.

Roeland Park, Kansas

Robert S
Good interest rate, has rewards. Not that interested in rewards, more about the interest rate. Could be lower, just got a card through CMCCU at 8.76% 

Kansas City, Missouri

Clifford O
My card is a very well thought out rewards program. The people at all of the branches I have visited are very knowledgeable and friendly they go out of their way to help me every time i go to the bank. Thank you.

Kansas City, Kansas

Thomas B
Best credit card to have.

Lancaster, Kansas

Stewart F
I've been banking at commerce for years. I don't use some of the features offered, however those that I do I am very satisfied. I like that when and if I have questions, that there is always someone or someway to contact commerce and get it sorted out. 

Springfield, Missouri

Mary G
I've had my card for over 1yr now and have had no problems.  If I had a question it was answered quite well.  I like that if my card is used out of state without me notifying them, I get an alert.  Thanks for making it so easy!

Strafford, Missouri

Cynthia R
I really enjoyed using the card to buy the things l like.

Forney, Texas

Bernis M
Good security.

Westchester, Illinois

Dorothy R
I received a call and said that someone was using my card. That account was closed and new one was issued. The charges  were taken off of the bill. 

Plano, Texas

Judy L
Cash advance check or rewards.

Des Moines, Iowa

Julie B
Good balance transfer offers and good customer service.

Kansas City, Kansas

Steve R
Has been trouble free and meets my needs. 

Springfield, Missouri

Henry C
Have not had any issues or problems with this card at all.

Memphis, Tennessee

Richard R
The customer service is excellent.

Denver, Colorado

Linda W
Easy online summary of use. Online payments.

Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Mark S
I'm very happy with the Service and the ease of use of the card. I am however a little disappointed for not being able to log into my account and making a payment yesterday Sept 2nd 2019. not sure if your system was down or what the issue was but I had to mail my payment to you today.

Butte, Montana

Special Connections Visa Credit Card

Special Connections® Credit Card

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Joseph K
I never have a problem which is not readily solved.

Saint Louis, Missouri

Peter D
Never had a problem with it, only thing I don't like is autopay, I want to pay on the 1st of each month and it won't allow my account to be set up that way.

Knoxville, Tennessee

Karen T
Always treated with courteous and kind help when I go to the bank. I love your services.

Ellisville, Missouri

Stephanie V
Low interest rate and security are most important.

Camdenton, Missouri

Richard T
I've been a Commerce Customer for almost 50 years and like my credit card have had nothing but positive experiences.

Fenton, Missouri

Lindsay K
I've had this credit card for quite some time and really enjoy it. The ease of use, payments and customer service are all amazing. Anytime I have an issue it's usually because of myself and the people on the other side of the phone are always so helpful and understanding.

Saint Charles, Missouri

Gregory H
I like the interest rate I have. I try to use this card for my larger purchases.

Frisco, Texas

Robert B
Rewards program.

Ballwin, Missouri

Michael Q
Joe E. is the best, he fixes what the rest don't pay attention to.

Saint Peters, Missouri

Frank G
Easy to manage and make payments, see balance.

Chesterfield, Missouri

Tony H
You are always making it easier and more exciting to bank with Commerce. I bank at the Lenexa Branch for many years they are the BEST under the leadership of Mike and Cory. Although I moved from KC, I continue to bank there because banking there is easy and friendly.

Hiawatha, Kansas

Deborah A
I use it to charge things and pay off. One thing I find is when you offer zero credit loans you want a 5þe. I use cards with a 3%.

Springfield, Nebraska

Jeffrey B
I really like the credit score availability.

Stilwell, Kansas

Michael K
It's always available when I need it and I've had no issues with the card.

Saint Joseph, Missouri

Paul S
Easy to use, customer service online and in person is great.

Boliver, Missouri

Michele P
This card has helped me with unplanned emergencies.

Mount Vernon, Missouri

Special Connections Visa Credit Card

Special Connections® Credit Card

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Nathan H
Good experience so far.

Lehi, Utah

David B
Hard to say, I have one but I try not using it.

Lebanon, Missouri

Theresa W
Website is easy to use, friendly staff, and great rewards!

El Dorado, Kansas

Donna M
I have chosen my Commerce credit card as the one credit card I still have and I am very happy with my account and this card. Lowering the interest rate would be a plus.

Haysville, Kansas

Steven D
Readily accepted at retailers.

Troy, Missouri

James R
Relatively low interest rate and a good rewards program. Also the website is very easy to use.

Abilene, Texas

Christopher B
The card does what I need it to do.

Mission, Kansas

Wynona B
Would love lower interest as much as I use it.

Belton, Missouri

Steven S
Not many issues ever.

Nixa, Missouri

Sheryl D
When I needed online chat, I was treated with respect & patience.

Rockford, Illinois

Deborah D
Good card without constant annoying emails/mail/etc.

Jackson, Missouri

Jimmie B
Service was good.

Marrillville, Indiana

Stephen S
Needed another VISA for Costco plus its 1.5 points has been useful.

Mason, Ohio

Briann H
I just did. I would like to be like many of my friends that get a percentage back in the form of cash for using their credit card for EVERY thing they purchase or charge.

O'Fallon, Missouri

Thomas S
It does what I need it to do. Not everything works that way these days.

Sparta, Tennessee

Special Connections Visa Credit Card

Special Connections® Credit Card

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Steve C
2-3 times I have been rejected from using the card. Once was at a location I had used two days previous.

Monticello, Minnesota

Robert P
Commerce has been pretty good to me over the years.

Bonner Springs, Kansas

Brandon S
I like using this card for gas mostly. I would like a higher credit limit, and I am somewhat disappointed in how long it's taking for my limit to raise. The $1,000 limit I had for over a year was absurd. Even my current $7,000 limit is only just barely acceptable as it still limits me on how much I can charge on the card without going over the critical 30% limit that negatively affects your credit score.

Other than the somewhat low credit limit I enjoy my credit card.

Peoria, Illinois

David P
Easily used. Love Mobil banking. Convenient.

Saint Louis, Missouri

Kristian R
I love my credit card. My only complaint is that after a transfer it takes a long time to update available credit. It's 2019, everything is digital. This should really be automatic after a digital transfer in app.

Waterloo, Illinois

Linda D
No real problems.

Montgomery City, Missouri

Michelle M
Great card to use.

Texarkana, Texas

Leslie Y
My credit history is perfect , over 40 years never late , yet I feel I am being gouged on interest rate.

Lake Ozark, Missouri

Gail C
Commerce did an awesome job cancelling my credit card when I reported it lost.

Olathe, Kansas

Dennis W
Would be a 10 if the credit limit was not so low so I give it an 8 because if the competitive interest rate.

East Dubuque, Illinois

Olivia C
I've had my card for 4 years and the credit limit has never been raised.

Cairo, Missouri

William K
You shouldn't be sending out those blank checks unsolicited and especially not by standard mail. A lot of people don't even open standard mail. Seems like a security problem.

Overland Park, Kansas

Regina S
I do not understand Toggle, despite trying.

Kansas City, Missouri

Kelly B
I've had this card for a few years now. At first I could get somebody, almost immediately. Now, not so much.

Garland, Texas

Special Connections Visa Credit Card

Special Connections® Credit Card

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Debra S
It's easy to use.

Normal, Illinois

Cristina F
I like my credit card but I think interest are a little high.

Saint Louis, Missouri

Luke S
I would like more rewards points for everyday purchases.

Garden City, Missouri

Pamela M
I'm very happy with my service but the interest is very high compared to my other cards.

Marshfield, Missouri

Alex B
As mentioned earlier the Rewards could be better...I'd love to save up and buy a big gift card for an airline or cruise line...but the 1% back is a much better deal.

Kansas City, Missouri

Jason K
Straight forward, no sneaky stuff, decent rewards.

Loveland, Colorado

Milinda T
I like the rewards program and have not had any major issues. I like things simple.

Ozark, Missouri

Regina E
Needs lower interest rates.

Saint Louis, Missouri

Jasmine L
Decent starting rate and balance transfer option.

Gary, Indiana

Audrey S
Interest rate is higher than my other credit cards, so I rarely use this card unless I know I can pay off prior to next billing cycle.

Overland Park, Kansas

William S
It is what it is.

Lawrence, Kansas

Richard H
Been good so far.

Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Tania S
I should be able to pay my credit card at the ATM instead of dropping it in night drop.

Saint Louis, Missouri

Special Connections Visa Credit Card

Special Connections® Credit Card

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Carla L
The card works great with the exception of the high interest rate.

Palmyra, Missouri

Elisha P
High interest rates on other products.

Bell City, Missouri

Walter M

Gravois Mills, Missouri

Lovena H
Would like to see a lower interest rate.

Springfield, Missouri

Michael R
It's OK

Topeka, Kansas

Ashton W
It would be nice to not have foreign transaction fees.

Columbia, Missouri

Brett W
No strong opinion either way. I rarely use the card relative to my other credit lines with better rewards.

Fenton, Missouri

Joseph K
I am a good client and would like balance transfer offers...thank you.

Cleveland, Ohio

Andrea S
I originally got it for overage insurance. I have since used it for online purchases to keep my main debit card out of as many online places as I can. I believe I have made all my payments on time but have been offered no increase or perks for such behaviors.

Kansas City, Missouri

Ruth F
Longevity reward. Lower interest rate for solid payment record.

Wichita, Kansas

Mary C
The Commerce card is my back up card when the primary card I use is not accepted. I have no complaints with Commerce, just that I don't use it often to avoid another bill I have to pay.

Florissant, Missouri

Richard C
I have a hard time limiting myself from using it and pay off what I already owe you.

Gardner, Kansas

Meredith T
The policies on extending credit everything seems so difficult to get. Also the times I have called was made to feel like I was being done a favor instead of happy for my patronage. I have excellent credit and want to keep it I don't like to be forced to open another account to use this one exclusively.

Elyria, Ohio

Antonio P
Discharged interested on my last bill. I have stopped using the cards and will be charging $40,000 plus to our Discover card.

Wichita, Kansas

Jane R

Columbiana, Ohio

Logan E
I don't love it, but I don't hate it. I wish there were more vendors added to the higher points back list. Also, lowering the price of gift cards you can purchase with rewards points.

Wichita, Kansas

Special Connections Visa Credit Card

Special Connections® Credit Card

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Jacqueline J
I would have ranked my satisfaction level higher; however, Commerce Bank recently raised my interest rate higher. I feel this was very unfair. I have been a customer for many, many years. I have never missed a payment or been late. I have had my checking account with Commerce for approximately twenty years. I am meticulous with both my checking account and credit card. I feel Commerce is showing no loyalty to me at this time. This is extremely disappointing to me.

Springfield, Missouri

Jill Y
Changed interest rate to higher rate after on time payments. Dissatisfied.

Pittsburg, Kansas

Michael M
I think the card is average to the rest of my cards I've had.

Columbia, Missouri

Hal C
It's my backup or secondary card.

Lawrence, Kansas

Gerald R
A lower interest rate would be nice.

Wichita, Kansas

Cherryl P
Unable to use as a credit card locally. When I do try and use it as a credit card the transaction always goes through as a debit against our checking account not as a credit.

Morrisville, Missouri

Brian O
Balance transfer fees are not competitive.

Parker, Colorado

Alyse M
Much lower rewards compared to other cards.

Bloomington, Indiana

Robyn E
Suddenly, for no reason I was unable to log into my account with my correct username and password. I called and was transferred to other people/placed on hold for a total of 45 minutes. Finally I was able to get my password reset but that was a complete waste of time and unnecessary. Other cards allow you to reset your password online. The employees I spoke to were friendly and nice but this was unnecessarily difficult and I would choose other cards that are easier to manage in the future.

Schererville, Indiana

Douglas D
It's an OK card but the $1000 credit limit makes it kind of a waste.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Perry B
No award points. Why not?

Saint Louis, Missouri

Daniel R
My concern, is that they lowered my credit limit, I was not notified until after it took place. Which then it affect my credit score, of my debt ratio to my credit limits with my other cards. So again I was very dissatisfied.

Dallas, Texas

Rhoda O
Already noted to you- I'm dissatisfied with you raising my interest rate next month. I guess you don't value me as a customer, because I won't use this card anymore.

Kansas City, Missouri

Angela P
I've banked with Commerce for ages, 12+ years. The nickle and dime customer service method is banking standard, but still disappointing to see being used by Commerce.

Kansas City, Missouri

Scott P
Interest rate used to be around 11% which was already about as much as I will tolerate. Over the years, sometimes running a balance, sometimes not, but always paying my bill, the rate has risen to over 16%. And your transfer offers are the absolute worst I receive from anybody. This is unacceptable. This will never be a card I use on a regular basis. It's there, in a pinch, if I need it, but it will never be my card of choice a) for long-term balances because your rate is ridiculous, b) for monthly pay-offs of regular purchases because your rewards are minimal compared to competition. I have much better cards for both situations.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Gregory O
So far, I have not been given the bonus points I am owed on credit card spending. To compound the problem, I have waited for over a week and a half to get a response to my on-line inquiry about these missing bonus points and still have not gotten a response.

Overland Park, Kansas

Special Connections Visa Credit Card

Special Connections® Credit Card

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Shelley R
Stop raising the interest rates!

Reeds Spring, Missouri

Michael S
I did like the card and was using it. I got a letter in the mail saying my interest rate is going up to 24% so I will be paying off the card and closing the account.....

Olathe, Kansas

Brian J
Excess charges I don't like.

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Brooke K
I hate this company and as soon as I am able to pay it off it's going in the trash and never being used again. I would rather have any other credit card.

Saint Louis, Missouri

Richard C
No access to my account - message says you are experiencing technical difficulties; I am trying to make a payment to my card on-line and I am unable to do that.

Newburyport, Maine


  1. A Cash Back redemption is applied as a statement credit. The statement credit will reduce your balance, but you are still required to make at least your minimum payment. Values for non-cash back redemption items such as merchandise, gift cards, and travel may vary. Visit for full rewards program details.

  2. Please note that merchants self-select the category in which transactions will be listed and some merchants may be owned by other companies, therefore transactions may not be counted in the category you might expect. Purchases made using Near Field Communication (NFC), virtual wallets, or similar technology may not be eligible for bonus points. Offer cannot be combined with other promotional offers or World Elite MasterCard® points earned for travel and restaurants.

Use of Commerce Bank Credit Cardholder Ratings & Reviews: The credit-card ratings and card-specific reviews displayed on were submitted by verified Commerce Bancshares, Inc. (Commerce Bank) credit-card holding customers who voluntarily completed a customer satisfaction survey. The numerical/visual star ratings and corresponding feedback should not be considered or interpreted as the opinions and viewpoints of all Commerce Bank clients and are utilized for information-only and product-enhancement purposes. Ratings and reviews are specific to the credit-card product type displayed. Commerce Bank does not endorse or guarantee review submissions and assumes no liability for actions or decisions based solely on, or a combination of, utilizing these customer ratings and reviews as a definitive point of reference when deciding to apply for a Commerce Bank credit card. Product offerings, benefits and promotional offers may change over time and some submissions might not reflect the most-current offerings.

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