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KC RoyalsTM Mastercard® Reviews

four and a half stars  4.5/5 overall rating (62 reviews)

Get access to game-day experiences, exclusive ticket discounts and special events – all while earning up to 3% Cash Back1 with the KC Royals™ Mastercard®.

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1Cash Back applied as a statement credit.
Melvin B
Nothing has ever gone wrong, and I am always informed and kept up to date on everything, with my accounts and cards, Thank You!

Greenville, South Carolina

Claudia M
Thank you for this bank card; it is a privilege to have it. It is also nice to have it on my online site with Commerce! Commerce is the best bank!

Lenexa, Kansas

Eugene P
They always are helpful and the services are so user friendly!!!!!!!!! A+

Queens Village, New York

William L
Ease of using my card and the expression on people face when they see Royals.

Kansas City, Missouri

Mary B
No problems.

Lees Summit, Missouri

Laura K
It's perfect for what I need. Free credit score is my favorite.

Olathe, Kansas

William D
The primary reason I like it are the options for the different rewards.

Lees Summit, Missouri

Norman C
It works for me.

Kansas City, Kansas

Bobby G
I like the look of the card.

Hamilton, Missouri

Kenneth P
No hassles at all. Decent rate and great service.

Kearney, Missouri

Linda D
I have been happy with the Royals card. It's really easy to access my account If I have any questions it's always been easy to get help and the people are pleasant to deal with.

Lees Summit, Missouri

Laura P
Many years ago at a Kansas City Royals game, Mastercard was giving out free baseballs if you signed up for the card. I didn't think I would ever use the card but I liked everything about it after I got it. Now it and my Debit cards are the only cards I carry.

Madison, Florida

Andrew S
I am very pleased, especially with the periodic credit limit increases I have been given.

Kennewick, Washington

Johnny M
Excellent customer service.

Overland Park, Kansas

Diane H
I am Extremely Satisfied!

Kansas City, Kansas

Jennifer T
Easy to use.

Mission, Kansas

KC RoyalsTM Mastercard® Credit Card
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Richard W
Easy to use and access.

Overland Park, Kansas

Susan B
How security is handled!

Blue Eye, Missouri

Paul C
I like all the perks and benefits KC Royals Card comes with.

Wells, Nevada

Christine O
Love the Toggle feature so I can buy gas and still earn points almost able to use a debit card.

Leavenworth, Kansas

Page C
Card is accepted at all businesses.

Overland Park, Kansas

Randall S
I always know where I am with balances and availability.

Warrensburg, Missouri

Cynthia C
Good rate and nice card to pull out, showing support for one of our teams!

Kansas City, Missouri

Ricky R
Have no problems with my card.

Blue Springs, Missouri

Joyce L
Low interest, rewards, security and friendly customer service. Loyal to my Royals Mastercard.

Independence, Missouri

Jerry L

Grandview, Missouri

Joseph B
You guys need a better review process for credit guidelines and credit limit increase reviews. This card is one of my lowest card limits of my credit cards and therefore, I don't use it on a regular basis. Sorry.

Miami, Florida

Marvin M
Can pay online. Notifies me when card has been compromised.

Lowell, Arizona

Stephanie B
I am a Royals fan. I can differentiate this card from my others.

Lone Jack, Missouri

Ray S
It meets my needs.

Lees Summit, Missouri

John B
I use it mostly for internet and it is easy to just use the same one.

Pleasant Hill, Missouri

The card serves my needs.

Omaha, Nebraska

KC RoyalsTM Mastercard® Credit Card
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Dennis Y
It's Awesome.

Lees Summit, Missouri

John W
I utilize this as a backup card.

Wamego, Kansas

Marty H
It has a fair APR and some rewards.

Kansas City, Missouri

Daniel F
Seems to work just fine for me.

Oak Grove, Missouri

Laurie R
I want more royals benefits.

Kansas City, Missouri

Joe V
Easy to use.

Independence, Missouri

Philip B
NOT aware of some of the features but for the basics the card is pretty good.

Kansas City, Missouri

Penne H
Ease of use and payment options.

Bonner Springs, Kansas

Toni M
No problems.

Independence, Missouri

Michael H
Not a 10 - but close.

Lenexa, Kansas

Victoria L
Would like higher credit limit. Lowest of all my cards.

Kansas City, Missouri

Philip B
You do everything you say you are going to do! The only thing you do that is stupid. You send out checks for my use for large items. Then keep my limit at $2,000.00 Then tell me I have a FICO Score pf 787. Cute!

Nevada, Missouri

Joshua Y
Card is great but rewards could be better.

Saint Joseph, Missouri

James B
Good rewards.

Garden City, Missouri

Eunice S
It's better than other cards we've had.

Hugoton, Kansas

Melissa P
It's easy to check my account balance, make payments. I wish it was a little easier to use the rewards program.

Shawnee, Kansas

KC RoyalsTM Mastercard® Credit Card
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Danny A
I have excellent credit, but I was only approved for a small amount.

Kansas City, Missouri

I don't use the card that often.

Moberly, Missouri

Leslie B
Interest rate is too high!

Harrisonville, Missouri

Terry S
It's nothing special, just another credit card. Most of the features mentioned I've never heard of and don't understand their benefits.

Lees Summit, Missouri

Patricia G
I think my other cards give better benefits.

Saint Joseph, Missouri

James B
APR is way too high.

Springfield, Missouri

Kristine M
While their is no fee, which is nice, there also are not really any benefits associated with this card.

Peculiar, Missouri

Rhonda M
I have been hacked twice with this card.

Brookline, Missouri

Charles C
I don't want to have to need a credit card.

Excelsior Springs, Missouri

Sandra P
I actually loved my card until the interest was recently raised. It's been my go to card but the increase makes me not want to use it and just pay it off now. I wish I could have checked extremely satisfied on all of it but I can't now!

Shawnee, Kansas

David D
I am very disappointed my request for a lower rate of interest was given such little consideration and the response was so wooden/inflexible.

Hillsdale, Michigan

Tristen E
Rewards are lack luster.

Independence, Missouri


  1. A Cash Back redemption is applied as a statement credit. The statement credit will reduce your balance, but you are still required to make at least your minimum payment. Values for non-cash back redemption items such as merchandise, gift cards, and travel may vary. Visit for full rewards program details

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