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KC Royals™ Mastercard® Reviews

KC Royals credit card
4.3/5 overall rating
(318 reviews)
Get access to game-day experiences, exclusive ticket discounts and special events – all while earning up to 3X points with the KC Royals™ Mastercard®.
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Happy Customer

I have been a long time customer, probably since early 80's. I had to adjust to seeing my statements online and don't care for doing my banking online. I worry about safety since apparently everything can be hacked. I liked receiving my paper statement and year end summary mailed. But I am learning! I always get good service at drive-up windows.
Karen O
Kansas City, MO
Cardholder since 2014
I have no complaints
Timothy J
Hays, KS
Cardholder since 1995
Michael N
Clive, IA
Cardholder since 1996

Customer service

Trying to pay my motorcycle loan is like a 3 ring circus. No less than 3 people I have to give my information too in order to pay my loan. Never used to be like that.
Jack A
Kansas City, MO
Cardholder since 2000
Would like the points lower amounts to redeem
Elizabeth D
Hutchinson, KS
Cardholder since 2017
Maurice V
Shawnee, KS
Cardholder since 2017
Christi G
Atlantic, IA
Cardholder since 1995

very pleased with the service.

Carole N
Mckinney, TX
Cardholder since 1996

Go Royals

Accuracy of statements. If I have a problem and call customer service, it is solved quickly by a friendly, professional employee.
Linda C
Leavenworth, KS
Cardholder since 1996
Michael M
Lees Summit, MO
Cardholder since 1996


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