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KC Royals™ Mastercard® Reviews

KC Royals credit card
4.4/5 overall rating
(800 reviews)
Get access to game-day experiences, exclusive ticket discounts and special events – all while earning up to 3X points with the KC Royals™ Mastercard®.
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Interest Rate

I am paying off my Commerce MC. I called CS and they were not able to lower my interest rate over the phone. I consider that poor CS and no longer want to have a Commerce card.
Kimberly A
Overland Park, KS
Cardholder since 2015

Commerce's Mastercard is Very good except for the Card Lock Feature

The Card Lock Feature is good but for only 3 days. The app allows you to conveniently Lock your card But 3 days later it's automatically Unlocked which is not what I want. My Discover cards, for example, allow me to Lock them and they Stay Locked 'til I Unlock them which is Far preferable at least to me.
Leslie B
Harrisonville, MO
Cardholder since 2017
Deborah K
Kansas City, MO
Cardholder since 2019


Great card
Fred C
Hutchinson, KS
Cardholder since 1995

Expired Card painful & time consuming!!!

Firstly your folks at 87th Street bank, completely helpful and accommodating in acknowledging problem, if not successful in solving it, I made three visits to the bank seeking help. It seemed that Mastercard was source of problem. I had 6 accounts which were paid automatically with card so lots of time and effort assuring the creditors it was banks fault and not my unwillingness to pay them. Incidentally on second visit while there, your person talking to Mastercard while I was there, said they would fix problem and get new card issued. At same time BMO had fairly rigorously pursued me to apply for their Mastercard, that day, I did just that, by USPS, not online, and in just about 7 days got their new Mastercard with same credit limit. Two weeks plus later finally got your (Commerce) card replacement.
William S
Lenexa, KS
Cardholder since 2018
Darin M
Casper, WY
Cardholder since 1995

Rewards are good but not as good as Discover.

Chris O
Lincoln, NE
Cardholder since 2004

great, reliable service and helpful staff

All services work well for mel
Norma W
Kansas City, MO
Cardholder since 2008
Eric L
Blue Springs, MO
Cardholder since 1995

Dependable company

When I've had issues, they have had my back!
Daniel H
Smithville, MO
Cardholder since 2001


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